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Viewer warning, know these four things before you watch this video.

1. All footage was taken over one single week. However, this one single week isn't an anomaly. This is a normal working week for many St Louis Bear players from November-February.

2. Every 12u player & above within the organization is required to attend one team practice and one workout a week. The other workouts and programs you see in the video are 100% optional. The players you constantly see in the video are choosing to be there. 

3. We have 50+ players, at multiple ages, dedicating themselves to achieving baseball greatness. These players have aspirations of playing high school varsity baseball as freshman & sophomores. These players have aspirations of starting on their high school teams. These players have aspirations of playing college baseball and beyond. These players are choosing to give up time with their friends, time playing video games, and time participating in other sports in order to achieve their baseball goals. These players are committed to building big, strong, and powerful bodies that allow them to hit and throw the ball at D1 college baseline numbers. 

4. There are plenty of players, not seen in this video, that take the game extremely serious and are working really hard to get better. You don't have to train 6 days a week to be considered a dedicated baseball player. You don't have to give up other sports to be considered a dedicated baseball player. The St Louis Bears have the utmost respect for anyone who attempts to play this incredibly hard game at a high level. 

St. Louis Bears Baseball Club

We believe every young man should have the opportunity to play baseball, regardless of how old they are, skill level, and when they started playing. 

The St Louis Bears is an inclusive club that provides opportunities for all players, from beginners to high level select players to get professional instruction, positive reinforcement, and a safe, fun, and friendly environment to flourish in. 

We're competitive, and we want to win today. However we have a long term approach that develops players skill level, mental toughness, internal confidence, and love of the sport. 


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St. Louis Bears Baseball Club