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1. These players are giving everything.

2. These players are pushing themselves beyond comfort and limitation.

3. You're witnessing maximum effort, in the face of the natural fear of failure and doubt, then the explosion of emotion when unattainable goals were attained. You don't get to see this very often. This is not a common thing you see in daily life. Very few people actually challenge themselves like you'll witness in this video.

4. You're witnessing the results of hours, months, and years of a concerted effort to be as strong as possible to go as far as possible in baseball.

5. This is not the norm. This is the best of the best. This is the 10% of the 10%.

6. This is what winning looks like, and there were no trophies in this video.

St. Louis Bears Baseball Club

We believe every young man should have the opportunity to play baseball, regardless of how old they are, skill level, and when they started playing. 

The St Louis Bears is an inclusive club that provides opportunities for all players, from beginners to high level select players to get professional instruction, positive reinforcement, and a safe, fun, and friendly environment to flourish in. 

We're competitive, and we want to win today. However we have a long term approach that develops players skill level, mental toughness, internal confidence, and love of the sport. 

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St. Louis Bears Baseball Club